Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn already! a monthly catch up

Another month passes by so quickly, its been one filled with ups and downs, my friend miscarried her baby which was awful, I did what I could to help look after her boys but there isn't much really to be done in these situations but just be there as a friend. We enjoyed some beautiful weather which cheered everyone up and had a home school sports day in the heat, the children really enjoyed it and we got 3 new families coming too which is brilliant. My mum moved from a flat quite far away to one very near by, we helped her move as she had an accident about a year ago where she broke her thigh bone, hip and shattered her knee so she has a frame now and hasn't been out since except in taxis. I'm hoping now she is around the corner I can encourage her to get out and build up her confidence again.

My best news for the month has been this - following me entering the supportive business mums competition (ta if you voted for me), the lady that was running it emailed me and asked me to make a cushion and rabbit to go with her romance novels, she exhibits around the country and helps small businesses by including there wares in her books and promoting them. I was so happy to be asked, the brief was to make them fit in with the colours and heart scheme of the books. It was quite strange for me at first as I normally work in other colours but enjoyed the challenge

I'm pleased with how they have turned out, Ces said she loves them and will be exhibiting them at the networking mummies exhibition in Bournemouth on the 5th October
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Woolly Wanderer said...

The cushion and rabbit are just lovely, well done for gaining the commission.

Hoping to make the next home school meet up, health etc permitting!!

San xx