Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flickr and finances :(

A lot of you are probably already on Flickr, but I have only just joined up, Im behind everyone in these things so forgive me, Im hoping to get more exposure ( not in that way cheeky!), for my crafted items, at the moment my partner and I are really finding things difficult and as we both are at home, doing homeschool, he is self employed and Im trying to get some extra money from my sewn/painted items, it is financially hard. We have been in talks about whether it would be a good idea to both get full time jobs working for the man and seeing if we are any better off. I don't want the boys to go back to school so we would have to work around that too and that is going to be tricky, I love our lives at home but now the eldest has left college and is trying (not very hard) to find himself a job, things are difficult. So I really want to be able to sell my things and make a living that way. I need to sort out my website, its ok but I do have a super one ready with music, moving things etc, trouble is I have to buy a domain name and hosting for it (money again you see), Im always posting on FB and attending craft fairs when I can, the last one I did on sunday was naff for me, my friend bought some things off me, so I was only a £1 down after paying for the table, it's so disheartening when you have put in a lot of effort and been up at 6am not to make any sales. Have you any ideas on how to improve my chances of becoming more successful?, I don't mind harsh words and suggestions, so feel free x


Ren Cuming said...
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Ren Cuming said...

Last comment deleted because of all the spelling mistakes...!

Ive been there too!! In many ways similar, home edding, self employed, sick of craft fairs, etc...
So here goes, I will stand on my soap box as requested and offer advice which has helped me.

1. I gave up craft fairs long ago... I think the majority of people who visit go to either have a day out or to be inspired, but not to buy. Imagine the time and money you can save by NOT going!

2. I think the free weebly site is good! You dont need to pay for hosting or a domain, its there already. Its simple and free from noise and flashy banners and all that distracting stuff, I think less is always more on websites!!!

3. I made my big breakthrough by working on my Etsy shop which I really started concentrating on back in October. Since Ive gone from 26 sales over a 2 year period to 363 sales since last October... I read all the advice on there, prepared to change and learn and listed little and often. It works.

4. I set up my own website / shop using big cartel. They give you a domain, and many BIG sellers still keep bigcartel at the end of their domains, it does no harm!

4a. Use Facebook and twitter for stock updates. And yes, Flickr is good too so thats good you are doing that.

5. Dont give up, you make beautiful things and there is always a need for beautiful things in the world.

6. I wish you well!
Hang in there and dont give up! Dotty Delightful (great name) will be a success soon!
With love to you, Ren x

ruby said...

Thank you Ren for all the time and effort gone into your reply, what great advice x