Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Road trip

My lovely friend and I have been on a couple of road trips lately and it's been fun, just me and her, no boys around, we chat endlessly, laugh heartily and make each other smile. She drives, I don't so it's a real treat going out to the countryside for me. We found this great garden centre with prices so low we couldn't believe it. We got loads of plants and strawberries for our gardens,

 It was huge inside, these pics show just a tiny part of it, what a lovely place to see all variety's of plants. We each spent around £20 and my friend had to put her back seats down, the boot was full we got that much. The car looked and smelled lovely, all flowery.

I saw these and had to take a photo, they remind of old time America, not that Ive ever been!!

 We went to a craft barn and I managed to sneak a piccy of this little fellow, how cute is he, they had some lovely things but not in my budget. It was nice to look around though and get some inspiration.

A few Saturdays ago whilst the boys and men watched football, I went to the kitchen and started baking ( after staying up till 3am watching " the next great baker" ) I love that show, I started off by making some lemon cup cakes and some welsh cakes, they are yummy. I then thought what the heck and carried on making popcorn, little wraps and lots of store cupboard things like crisps, party rings etc. I got out all my teapots and cups and saucers and set the table, we each had our own teapot as we each drink different things. There was loads more on the table by the time I had finished, these are early photo's.

The game was over and I called them in, they had no clue to what I had been doing and was very surprised and really pleased especially Chris who recently said how he misses parties. We find it difficult eating at parties etc because we are dairy free, don't have any chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, additives etc. So it get a bit blah always taking a packed lunch to parties!. We had a great time and the boys kept asking why are we celebrating!! I said lets just celebrate having each other, guess what?, they answered with a loud groan :)


4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Garden center with low prices! Wish I could find one, my strawberry seeds are still not sprouting, so I may have to buy some plants too.

Your tea party looked so cute, I love party rings!


two birds said...

wow...amazing, all of it. the plants, the owl, the delicious treats! definitely celebrate each other! =)