Wednesday, 13 August 2008

mucky boys and pretty flowers

I just adore flowers and our lovely local park is abundant with them at this time of year, they have a wonderful flower garden area with two ponds and beds full of beautiful flowers, the smell is wonderful, such a mix of roses, lavender, rudbeckia, foxgloves, echinacea, lily pads, water iris and many more.

The boys also love going to this part of the park for pond dipping, they have seen amazing dragon flies, pond skaters, frogs and newts and they love collecting them in water bottles and bringing some home to our garden pond, here are the three of them happy with their new "friends" on the way out of the park.

All good fun and best of all free - we like that! Also free but rather messy and something else the boys love doing is collecting motor bike boxes from the motor bike shop at the top of our road, the owner Robin is a great man and lets the boys have all sorts of treasure, boxes, bubblewrap, tyres etc. So they often go and get one of these boxes, they are huge and i normally have to give them a hand carrying it back down the road, then we struggle to get it through the house to the garden if its sunny, if not it turns into a walk through in the hall or a rather dangerous slide on the stairs! This day though it went in the garden, i cut windows out of it and the boys set about painting it in green emulsion

Hers Adam looking strangly clean (although he did have it in his hair) half way through painting the outside.

And Chris the rather messier one of the two mixing it up with green and black paint for an army feel.
Mmm, i can see now this was early on in the process, he got covered by the end of it, the bath water resembled the pond minus newts!


The Hunky Gardener said...

Nice picture of the salvia. When I was a young boy I lived for making a mess!

The Hunky Gardener said...

The penstemon is nice as well!